Corporate Wellbeing Workshops


We know that stress in the workplace can have a significant effect on productivity, that is why we have created a corporate wellbeing workshop to contribute to increased productivity rate and in the longer term maximise efficiency.

We believe it is important for individuals to take responsibility for the wellbeing and understand that an awareness of wellbeing is essential.

Our online wellbeing seminars provide the opportunity for organisations to raise awareness about mental wellbeing and to promote positive wellbeing in the workplace.

We provide online support groups to organisations including staff in companies, schools and universities. Sessions are tailored to your company’s requirements. We offer all our wellbeing workshops via Zoom or similar video service . We provide expert training, support, techniques to energise and empower your staff.

  • Our Specialist workshops include:

    Stress management
    Building healthy relationships
    Dealing with anxiety
    Dealing with depression
    Race based stress
    Anger management
    Building self-esteem
    Setting boundaries and assertiveness communication
    Personal Development
    Self-care and emotional wellbeing
    Coping with change
    Conflict Resolution

Benefits for your Organisation:
  1. Reduced absenteeism
  2. Reduce staff turnover
  3. Creating awareness of managing and supporting mental health

  • Benefits for your Staff:
    1. Mental health awareness
    2. Increase a sense of self-worth and mood, both at work and home.
    3. Increased productivity.


If required, we can also tailor the workshops to meet your company’s specific needs. Please contact us for further information.